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Welcome to our new post, where we bring you exciting updates from the world of PPC advertising. Today, we’re looking at the news that will affect how we optimize campaigns and target ads.

Similar Audiences should disappear from all campaigns on 1 August 2023

Although similar audiences will disappear from campaigns at the beginning of August 2023, we can still see their historical data. Display, Discovery, and YouTube (Video Action Campaigns) will automatically switch to optimized targeting. And video campaigns with Awareness/Consideration goals will switch to audience expansion.

What is the difference between optimized targeting and audience expansion?

  1. Optimized targeting also looks at other audience segments you’ve manually selected in your campaign and looks for segments you may have overlooked to improve campaign performance. It is available for Display, Discovery, and Video campaigns that use Sales, Leads, or Website traffic as a target. Optimized targeting offers broader targeting compared to audience expansion.(Google)
  2. Audience expansion makes it easier to reach more people who are important to you, so Google looks for additional conversions by expanding to audience segments similar to your hand-picked segments. It is available for video campaigns like “product and brand consideration” or “brand awareness and reach.”. (Google)

New in Sklik – Lookalike targeting

With Lookalike, we can reach new relevant users and extend the reach of content ads. The minimum audience size is 1,000 users; the maximum is 100,000. You will only create Lookalike for audiences that have reached the required 1,000 users, so it is possible that you will not see the remaining audiences when you make them.

How to make a lookalike list?

  • Go to Tools > Retargeting > Create a retargeting list
  • Choose Lookalike as the list type
  • Next, we choose a source list from the retargeting lists already created
  • Last we can choose to hit Lookalike; there are three options to choose from:
    1. Broad reach: will provide the largest possible audience we have assessed to be sufficiently similar to the RTG source list.
    2. Optimal hit: the recommended hit
    3. Precision hit: represents the selection of users with the highest similarity to the selected source list (Sklik)

Editing RSA ads from a report

We have added an adjustment of the ads from the overview for responsive search ads. It is now possible to edit a specific headliner or description directly in the summary without clicking through to edit the entire RSA ad.

New option when creating a PMax campaign

When creating Performance Max, we now have the option to enable or disable Automatically created assets. We can allow Text assets without Final URL expansion, but we can only enable Final URL expansion if we have enabled Text assets. A new feature follows this in the recommendation that asks us to upgrade from DSA to PMAX campaigns.

Branded Restrictions before Campaign Search and Branded Exceptions before Campaign PMAX

Brand restrictions

Brand restrictions will limit free-matching traffic to only show up for searches that include the brands you select (Xiaomi) or products related to those brands (Mi Band 7). We only enable a brand restriction for search campaigns at the campaign settings level. A maximum of 10 brands can be added. To run brand restriction, you need to enable target Roas or target CPA; it doesn’t work on other smart bidding yet.

Brand exclusions for PMAX campaigns

Unlike Brand Restrictions, Brand Exclusion allows you to exclude brands you don’t want to show in your campaign. This option only works for PMax campaigns. The Brand list is set in Shared Pounds, where only after the list is created the PMax campaigns where I want to use the Brand exclusion are selected. (Google)

Page Feed for Performance Max

We can use Page Feed to specify which URLs to use in ads for a Performance Max campaign.

It helps Google Ads check that all relevant pages are indexed, determine when to show ads, and where to redirect visitors to the website.

Before Loading

You need to create an excel spreadsheet:

Duplicate URLs must be deleted

Page Feed approval takes 2 – 14 days

Where to upload it ?

GADs : Tools and settings  → Setup → Business data  →  Blue plus → Page feed

It will be uploaded to the existing PMax via additional settings in the specific campaign; it should be under Page Feed. We need to have “automatically created text assets” enabled to upload it.(Google)

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