How to start advertising on TikTok

TikTok has recently become one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Looking at the numbers, the rapid growth of the app’s popularity is much more apparent. In the first quarter of 2019, it was the world’s third most downloaded app; in the same year’s third quarter, it surpassed Messenger to become the second most downloaded app. At the beginning of 2022, TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide, beating Google as the most popular web domain. According to data from ByteDance (the owner of TikTok), TikTok had 1.46 million users aged 18 and over in the Czech Republic at the beginning of 2022. From the available data, the largest age group on TikTok is people from 18-24 years old.

In this article, you will learn how to get started, what creatives to use for your campaigns, or, for example, how to set a budget.

How do I proceed when I want to start advertising on TikTok?

Step 1: Create an advertising account

We can currently target TikTok advertising to the Czech Republic and from Central Europe to Hungary and Poland, among others. TikTok advertising is not yet available in Slovakia. The current list of countries where TikTok Business Center is available can be found at this link:

First of all, I need to have a Business Center established. I fill in the email, generate a password and have a verification code sent to my email. In the Business Center settings, I choose the name of the business center, payment information, and time zone and choose whether I am creating the Business Center for a specific company or as an agency account.

Subsequently, in the already created Business Center, click on Advertiser Accounts under the Assets tab. When I want to create an advertising account, I have two options. I will either make it directly in the Business Center or create it separately and connect it under BC. The second option is currently emerging as the best solution for the Czech market. Suppose an advertising account is created directly in the business center. In that case, it is impossible to choose a currency different from the BC currency, and since when setting up the Business Center, you can only select between EUR, USD, and GBP, this is a problem.

So, to have an advertising account in crowns, I have to open a new window, go to, and register an advertising account, where it is already possible to choose the Czech currency.

A verification code will then be sent to the phone number, and after verification, I will fill in the billing information. An advertising account is now created.

The last step is to connect the Business center with the Ad account. I copy the ID of the Ad account, and in the Business center, under the assets tab, I click on advertiser accounts and click on request access. Here I insert the copied advertising account ID and click admin access.

Note: It is possible that entering the ID will not work immediately. It takes a while for the Ad account to be approved. From our experience, it can take up to two hours.

(!) It is important to pay attention to where the money is uploaded. Since the advertising account is created separately, it is necessary to upload money directly there. If uploaded to the Business Center, they cannot be transferred to the ad account.

Step 2: Create and deploy a TikTok pixel

The TikTok pixel is a measurement code that allows you to send events such as visiting a page, adding to a cart, or purchasing to TikTok. It thus enables the optimization of the advertising account based on data. It works on a similar basis as the Facebook pixel.

We always deploy the TikTok pixel via Google Tag Manager, and we can set it up on any e-shop as a custom solution.

Step 3: Create a campaign

The interface of TikTok Business Manager is quite similar to that of Facebook, so it is very easy for those with some experience with it. But for the idea’s sake, I will mention a simplified procedure here.

At the campaign level, it is necessary to choose the purpose of the campaign, namely:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

We choose conversions in our campaigns for our clients because that’s what we’re primarily interested in.

At the campaign level, ABO or CBO budget optimization is selected, and the amount of the daily or lifetime budget is set. Currently, it is worth choosing ABO on TikTok.

(!) At FB BM, we are used to the fact that if I close the window at any time while setting up the campaign or move to another page without first publishing the campaign, ad set, or advertisement, I still have it saved in draft. This option is not available with TT BM.

What budget to choose?

Like Facebook, 50 conversions per week is critical for TikTok. I calculate the necessary budget simply: my average CPA x 50/7 = minimum daily budget. CPA is different if you optimize add to cart, initiate checkout, or purchase. If you don’t have any campaigns on TikTok yet, you can also derive the average CPA from Facebook (from prospecting campaigns).

Step 4: Create an ad set

At the level of the ad set (called ad group on TikTok), I set where I want users to go after clicking on the ad, to our website, or to download the application.

Forget auto-placement; choose TikTok. Keep your target audience in mind when setting up your targeting, but also remember that a wider audience performs better on TikTok.

Pro tip 1: Consider your customer and select age, gender, and interests. Once you start a campaign and donate, TT will recommend new interests.

Pro tip 2: Choose the lowest cost as a bidding strategy; the cost cap on TT does not have the best results yet.

Step 5: Create an ad

TikTok recommends choosing 9:16 for the video format. Write something short and concise in the description, but they cannot be used without smileys. Choose a pixel, and you’re done!

Tips for top ads

Creativity is one of the most important things to consider when creating TikTok ads. It’s not so much about targeting as it is about the creation itself. The way TikTok users consume content is different from Instagram or Facebook. People spend much time on TikTok because they want to have fun, not watch ads. That’s why TikTok ads need to blend in with other posts. TikTok itself says: “Don’t make ads; make TikToks.”. The three pillars of communication on TikTok are to inform, inspire and engage.

A TikTok video should ideally be 15-35 seconds long and contain music, which is very important. Even for a video with a voiceover, use background music; just make sure it’s suitable for commercial use. Commercial music can be found directly in the TikTok application when you switch to commercial sounds under the sounds tab, see pic.

Even though most TikTok users consume content with sound, don’t curse the captions or text in the ad.

Tips for making videos

Even though most TikTok users consume content with sound, don’t curse the captions or text in the ad.

Tips for making videos

Whether you create videos yourself, have a creative department, or use the services of influencers, the following tips will help you create winning ads on TikTok.

  • The name of the product or service should be mentioned in the first 3 seconds.
  • Although you can record a video in one shot, editing it and adding transitions, effects, and zoom in or out is better.
  • Every ad should include a call to action, but remember that the video should look like the user created it. So don’t put too much pressure on the saw.

Kinds of videos you must try:

If the product solves a problem, let’s show it.

3 reasons why
Give the viewer three reasons why the product is worth trying / why it is beneficial / why it is better.

What I bought vs. what i got
It is a common type of video on organic TikTok; it’s a great way to show users what the product looks like.

This type of video brings satisfying sensations. Sounds, tapping, stirring, mashing, pouring, whispering. The video should be visually or aurally pleasing to the viewer.

Unboxing experience
If the product has great packaging, show the viewer what they can expect if they order it. This type of video is perfect for multiple items in a box or if you have colorful, eye-catching packaging.

This is your sign to…..
Start the video with the sentence; this is your sign to…. And it could be that the audience has something to do, buy, or get something. You can follow up the rest of the video with product values, benefits, descriptions, reasons why, etc.

  • E.g., This is your sign to stop using fluoride toothpaste.

How to / instructions
Show the viewer how to use the product and the procedure step by step. Provide valuable tips that he may need to learn about.

Life hacks
Back to the three pillars of content on TikTok. People want to be entertained, inspired, or learn something. Give them a “life hack” the product solves and explain why it’s so easy.

Internet made me buy it 
The Internet made me buy it is an excellent type of video to introduce products to a new audience.

Things about which I wish I had known sooner
Another way to show a problem/solution concept is by convincing viewers that they could solve their problem sooner if they had your product/service.

Why I stopped ….. and now I do this instead
Sharing an outdated, inefficient, or expensive way of life before I purchased a product/service proves the value of that product/service.

  • Example: Why I stopped using drugstore shampoos and instead use …..

Test test test (video length, notification, landing page, number of people in the frame, selfie-style of the video, trending challenges, etc.)

And what should the campaign structure look like at the beginning?

To begin with, I choose one campaign, one ad set, and 3-5 advertisements, which I change regularly. Every week I check my account, turn off the worst-performing ad, and upload a new one. Trends tend to die after a while, so it’s essential to keep changing your ads.

If you choose conversions as the purpose of the campaign and are just starting, first optimize for adding to the cart; as soon as you regularly have 50 conversions per week in the campaign and 1000 conversions per pixel in total, then optimize for initiate checkout. When you periodically have 50 conversions a week and 1000 conversions per pixel again, it is time to optimize for purchase.

Why do all this? The TikTok pixel is not as sophisticated as, for example, the FB pixel and needs first to learn what works and who to deliver ads to. This phase is called “seasoning the pixel” and is very important.

And that’s all, now you know how to create an account, how to choose a budget, and what the campaign structure should look like, and you are equipped with many tips for great advertising videos. We are here for you if you still don’t want to do it yourself. Our team at 6clickz will help you with both campaign management and incredible creative creation.

Tracy Azubuike

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