Script to automate the creation of Google Ads search campaigns

Are you bored of creating search campaigns via Google Ads? Are you frustrated by the tedious preparation of keywords and responsive ads in Google sheets? Our company generated a script that will make your work much easier and even save you some time.

Why are Google Ads search campaigns still crucial?

PMAX, PMAX, PMAX… we hear that everywhere. So why should we deal with outdated search campaigns?

The truth is, PMAX campaigns are the most effective for e-commerce. They make up 70-80% of our clients’ entire turnover on Google Ads accounts. However, there are still many cases where other search campaigns would be more effective. For example:

  • B2B
  • SaaS
  • Leadgen
  • Highly competitive projects

A search campaign with a sound structure, strategic keywords, and high-quality advertising texts will always have a better ad rank than PMAX. Our team embraces this concept by customizing communications for each keyword and pairing it with a separate landing page. As a result, we achieve a quality score of 10/10.

There is no ideal search campaign structure. Each account is unique and what works for one account may not work for another. In the past, our team most frequently used the SKAG structure (single keyword ad groups). We currently use STAG (single-themed ad groups), which highlights several keywords to promote a specific topic. Deciding the type of match used varies case by case.  For example, to target keywords and achieve a higher ad ranking, we utilize an exact match method. In other cases, or when we want to engage with search campaigns, we choose to implement a broad matching method.

At times, creating a quality search campaign can be more laborious than creating a PMAX campaign. That’s why we at 6clickz have developed our own unique automation process to streamline how we create search campaigns.

  • We choose the campaign structure (STAG / SKAG)
  • We will add the name of the campaign, ad sets and keywords
  • We fill in CPC and landing pages in advance
  • We will add RSA (responsive search ads) ads
  • We choose the match type for keywords (character limit check)

With just one click, a csv file is then generated for use. We upload that file into the Google Ads editor and voila- the campaign is finished! Using the generated script, we can create 100 campaigns at once. Our system is so effective, we have decided to share it with the public. Want to try it out? Click here!

DOWNLOAD Free template to automate the creation of Google Ads search campaigns

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Gabriel Jurčo

After five years at 6clickz, Gabi developed into an e-commerce consultant, in charge of international e-shops with 6+ markets and 8-digit turnover.