GA4 News 3

SEO fans beware! An extensive article by Measureschool on the topic of how to control backlinks in GA4. You will also find some tips on how to clean your referral data – spam traffic, payment gateways, self referrals.

Matt Landers from Google has embarked on a great education via the official Google Analytics YouTube channel. He creates simple, short and easy to understand videos on GA4 topics. Plus, he has different colored glasses in each video 🙂

Right off the bat, a few releases from Google over the past month. These are all great news for marketers and analysts:

  1. Item-scoped custom dimensions
  2. Custom channel groups

If you have multiple Google Analytics properties underneath then this may be of interest to you. Google has prepared an add-on for Google sheets through which you can export admins from UA and import them into GA4. So you don’t have to laboriously invite people and check permissions for each property.

New on the 6clickz blog:

  • We recently wrote an article for Dognet on how to evaluate affiliate marketing in GA4. You can find an expanded version of that article on our blog.
  • UTM parameters in GA4 are a big thing! You need to make the change whether you advertise on Facebook, TikTok, Sklik or Heureka. In the GA4 Tips series, we covered this very topic. Check out our article on UTM parameters in GA4.

Gabriel Jurčo

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