GA4 News 2

We have again prepared the news from the world of Google Analytics 4 that happened in the last weeks.

  • Google Analytics introduced new functions that simplify work with reports, especially for properties with large and complex data. This is, for example, an icon showing the quality of the data, which is now located on each tab.
    More here

  • Google has added an exciting video about Custom Events to its YouTube channel. Custom events are events specific to a given website. They are defined by a name and a set of parameters and are not collected automatically by GA4. To see this data in the reports, it is necessary to set its measurement correctly. So if you plan to measure an event that is specific to your website, be sure to watch the video. In addition, you can find other interesting videos on the channel. 
  • A new Google Ads vs. GA4 Conversion Report is now available in the Google Merchandise Store demo account. The report will help you better understand the differences in conversions between Google Ads and GA4 services — more info in this LinkedIn post by Charles Farina.
  • Google has announced that they will add an audience builder in GA4 directly to Google Ads in the coming months. This will simplify the overall creation of audiences and their subsequent application in GA campaigns. Because of this, Google ads introduce a new model for managing access to various products. More here  ↪
  • Google has published instructions on how to opt out of GA4 automatic creation, what to do if you don’t have time to opt-out, or when you have already created a property in GA4. Instructions here
  • Ultimately, I add a tip for a practical funnel report, which Simo Ahava shared.

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