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Recently, ChatGPT or GA4 has been among the most popular terms in the marketing world. Today we will talk more about GA4. We attach great importance to this tool. Did you know that globally only 20% of people know how to use this tool? An even smaller percentage uses it, and a really tiny percentage knows how to use it correctly.

We are fascinated by people’s indifference since Universal Analytics will stop collecting your data in a few months, and GA4 will be the primary source.

From 10.1.2023, new dimensions and metrics are available for GA4 at the event and product level. You can use them in reports directly in GA4, but they are also available in the API, which means they can be downloaded via Supermetrics and similar tools.

These are precisely the following:

  • Item affiliation
  • Item variant
  • Items added to the cart
  • Items checked out
  • Items clicked in the list
  • Items clicked in promotion
  • Items viewed
  • Items viewed in the list
  • Items viewed in promotion
  • Shipping amount
  • Shipping tier
  • Tax amount

All dimensions and metrics can be found at this link:

Google launched a series of GA4 training videos in the form of webinars on its YouTube channel. They are a bit longer, but some are interesting. I personally recommend, for example, this one about Cross-platform attribution:

Julian Juenemann published an extensive article on his blog about how to use the power of ChatGPT when deploying tracking (including GA4) via GTM. The article sounds clickbait, but it’s worth a look. I have tried some things; they work fine and will save you time.

The search bar in GA4 is smarter again. Now you can also find information about your current account or property there and go to other accounts you have access to.

More here:

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