Case Study Search Ads – How we increased ROAS by 124%


  • E-shop operating in the party and carnival costumes segment
  • The performance of the e-shop is highly dependent on seasonality


  • During our biggest season, we ran SEA campaigns with Broad Match and one DSA campaign. We used auto bidding (Maximize conversion value). tROAS was set to 6 (KPI), and even though we were constantly optimizing the campaigns, the reality was 2.5.
  • Throttling tROAS or reducing budgets led to a side effect. ROAS in the campaigns did not improve this, and the top-selling terms started showing up more in PMAX than in the SEA campaign


  • Search Ads – We decided to keep the bidding strategy and tROAS set at the same value in the campaign. We changed the keywords from free to exact match. We expected a decrease in clicks, impressions, and probably conversions but a significant increase in ROAS
  • Dynamic Search Ads – here, we decided to change the bidding strategy and set the portfolio bid strategy to tROAS by capping the max CPC in the campaign settings


  • The experiment turned out beyond expectations. Although we had a 35% decrease in Revenue (this is also due to the end of the season. Last year, these campaigns decreased Revenue by as much as 55%, so in terms of YoY comparisons, we have even better results) and our ROAS increased by 124% from 2.39 to 5.35
  • Search Ads – We got the tROAS up with both campaigns to meet the client’s goals. In one of the campaigns, Revenue fell by 55%; this drop is due to the end of the season, and when we compared YoY, Revenue did not decrease significantly.
  • Dynamic Search Ads – the tactic of capping max CPC yielded much better results compared to SEA campaigns. ROAS improved by 154%, and Revenue only dropped by 27% (last year, the drop in Revenue was larger, and ROAS did not improve). The conversion rate may have worsened, but we got a lot of cheap clicks, and we are meeting the client’s goals


If your goal is to maximize sales and clickthroughs, BM + Maximize conversion value is the right tactic for Search campaigns. If you can’t follow tROAS, I recommend it:

  • Change BM to EM
  • Consider capping max CPC – in this case, you need to use a portfolio bid strategy

Lukáš Hvizdoš

At 6clickz, the PPC team is led by Hvizdy. His passion is centered on data analytics, where he experiments with new techniques and strategies to deliver excellent results to clients.