Automatic PPC Campaigns in One Click – Part 3

In the previous articles, we talked about how to create automatic campaigns from the feed, how to automatically update ads and how to create conditions to launch and stop ad sets.

A practical example followed – we demonstrated how we proceeded with our client.

As was already mentioned, before we invented our own system of creating PPC campaigns from the feed, we tried various tools which deal with this issue.

It is great that such tools are being developed, they have a number of amazing features and more importantly, they are progressing. But still, they failed to solve our problem. But in the system of creation in Power Query, we have also found a number of other benefits and we would like to present some of them.

So let’s do it 😊.

The main advantages offered by our system of campaign creation via Power Query versus competing paid programs

It’s for free

The huge advantage of the Power Query tool is that it’s completely for free (of course, Excel is a part of the MS Office package which is charged, but the MS Office is used by practically everyone).

Competing programs which offer automatic campaign creation from the feed are charged and do not even offer so many possibilities for creation.

As for our client with 9 000 products, the prices of competing tools would come up to roughly 100 – 160 EUR per month, which would mean that our client would be able to invest 10% less resources in the marketing than planned. Therefore, we should reduce the resultant target turnover ratio from 5% to around 4.5%.

The options for launching ad sets and editing ads based on the data from comparators

Practically the whole second part of this article was devoted to this topic. Our system not only creates campaigns and ad sets, but based on a regular analysis of the competition, it can evaluate which of our products have competitive advantages. Then, it launches campaigns for these products and pauses for the other.

Moreover, we can tailor the ad for each product depending on what competitive advantage it has. You can read more about it here.

Subsequent optimization of PPC campaigns

Campaigns are created, correctly set and running. But what next? We’ve put a lot of thought into it and we concluded that running campaigns should not end this process. The campaigns need to be optimized. By optimizing we mean optimizing search queries, which is one of the most important part of a PPC specialist’s work but also often done sloppily.

That’s why we invented a system of semi-automatic optimization of search queries. Why semi-automatic? Because search queries are such an important part of our work that a PPC specialist must take their time to consistently evaluate them.

In our case, we only have to make one decision – whether we want to add or exclude a given search query in the campaign, and then the whole operation will take place automatically.

However, this topic is so extensive that we are preparing an entire article about it. You can definitely look forward to it.

Automatic bidding in campaigns created from the feed

Yes, we know that Google is working on an automatic bidder for campaigns and this tool is getting better year-to-year. However, we approach the bidding a bit differently and, among other things, we have our own bidding solution for automatic campaigns created from the feed.

For example, if the feed contains margins of individual products, we can set an individual goal for each product (the so called KPI – key performance indicator) and based on this goal we can set the correct price per click for each product.

More on the 6clickz’s approach to the bidding in the article dedicated to this topic.

Automatic creation of DSA campaigns

In addition to the classic campaign in the search network using keywords, our system creates an ad set in a dynamic campaign in the search network for each product.

This campaign captures search queries that have not yet been included in keywords.

Even thought some competing programs offer this option, we continue working with it to optimize search queries and we move (or exclude) search queries from the dynamic campaign to the classic search network campaign. And all this is done automatically.

Customization to your needs

Customization to one’s needs has been already mentioned several times in this article, but I would like to emphasize it. In our system, we are bound by literally nothing. All depends on the client’s needs, creativity and imagination. Anything the client can get into the feed can be worked in our campaigns. In addition to product campaigns, we can also easily create category campaigns, in which products are combined into groups (categories). This way, we can not only create category campaigns (e.g. mobile phones, LED TVs, etc.), but also category + brand campaigns (e.g. Samsung mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones, etc.).

The advantage of creating category campaigns by linking products from the feed to groups is that in ads we can communicate different competitive advantages such as:

  • Up to 15 different models in stock
  • The lowest price starting from 29 EUR

When working with a quality feed, the possibilities are practically endless 😊.

Easy setup

The automatic campaign creation from the feed via Power Query isn’t actually time-consuming. But it is necessary to prepare the feed according to our requirements and to carefully come up with a strategy to be used for product campaigns.

No worries though, we are happy to advise you on everything.

And what about the disadvantages?

Are there also any disadvantages of our system? Of course, there are, and we will mention some of them. First, it should be noted that we primarily work with Excel files, which has certain limitations.

Campaigns’ update

Competing programs can update campaigns several times a day which is an advantage if products’ availability or prices change very often. We are able to update the data once a day, but if the client’s stock availability and prices do not change too often, we do it once or twice a week.

The number of products in the feed

We work with Power Query which has certain limitations, especially regarding the speed of processing large amounts of data. If you have an e-shop with 50 000 products, our system is not the right thing for you. However, if you work with an e-shop of less than 10 000 products, we can create and optimize campaigns smoothly and quickly.

We love Excel

Although we have talked about simple application, it must be said that the whole process is definitely not user friendly. For some programs you only need a short training to be able to create the entire campaign by yourself, but in this case, it is certainly much better to leave the whole setting up to a specialist from 6clickz.

What else is left to say than just try it with us. We keep developing our system to help our clients fill their dream goals as much as possible.

Lukáš Hvizdoš

At 6clickz, the PPC team is led by Hvizdy. His passion is centered on data analytics, where he experiments with new techniques and strategies to deliver excellent results to clients.