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Who We Are

Small team, big results. It's easy. We take a peek under the lid of your marketing goulash and then we come up with a recipe for Michelin speciality, which will certainly bring you an amazing results.

What We Do

Common Growth

Who we are

Milan Cidilo
Our mentor and the head of our family. He puts an emphasis on a constant advancement and improvement of not only marketing strategies but also on the improvement of his colleagues professionally as well as personally. It is thanks to him that we can deliver you an increasing quality of our work.

Who we are

Tomáš Tkáč
Určite ten najukecanejší z celej agentúry. Vďaka nemu sa dozviete nielen všetky vtipy, ale hlavne, všetko podstatné o tom, prečo je potrebné investovať do online reklamy a ako to urobiť čo najefektívnejšie. Vie preložiť všetky náročné marketingové slovíčka do ľudského jazyka a oboznámiť vás, čo môžme spoločne dokázať.

Who we are

Lukáš Hvizdoš
Hvizdy works on your campaigns diligently no matter where he is, either in Prague or Košice. He is our Excel smarty-pants, that fell in love with Power Query. He makes sure that your PPC campaigns are sophisticated and automatized as much as possible.

Who we are

Nina Beňová
Nina takes care of your whole Facebook. Effectivity and the campaign’s performance are always on her first place. She has amazing results, which outmatch even the set KPI.

Who we are

Daniel Múdry
The wise one in our SixCompany. It is the translation of his surname for people that doesn't speak slovak. His unceasing desire to learn strategic marketing will make you a powerful online marketing strategy. But he will never forget his first love which is Paid search.

Who we are

Gabriel Jurčo
Gabe is our Hero for Hungarian and Romanian market. He combines his vast Digital Marketing knowledge with experience of doing business abroad. He is perfectly capable of preparing your e-commerce store for a successful expansion. Knowing not only the market circumstances and the mentality of customers in Romania and Hungary is the reason why you shouldn’t be afraid of economic and cultural differences in the new market.

Who we are

Michaela Grancová
Michaela has tried almost everything from performance marketing to find out what will make her enjoy the most. Creative mind and the performance spirit is making a very strong combination.

Who we are

Kristína Šuvadová
Kika is our hard-working honeybee. The working student with a passion and drive. She will take care of your Paid social campaigns like a boss. If you're crazy for Instagram, then Kristína is the right person for you.


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