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Who We Are

Small team, big results. It's easy. We take a peek under the lid of your marketing goulash and then we come up with a recipe for Michelin speciality, which will certainly bring you an amazing results.

What We Do

Common Growth

Who we are

Milan Cidilo
Our mentor and the head of our family. He puts an emphasis on a constant advancement and improvement of not only marketing strategies but also on the improvement of his colleagues professionally as well as personally. It is thanks to him that we can deliver you an increasing quality of our work.

Who we are

Lukáš Hvizdoš
At 6clickz, the PPC team is led by Hvizdy. He is responsible for creating internal tools such as 6ixWand and Scarabaeus. His particular enjoyment comes from working with Shopping Ads. His passion is centered on data analytics, where he experiments with new techniques and strategies to deliver excellent results to clients. Hvizdy takes pleasure in creating custom reports and scripts for automation, and he excels in working with the Google Ads API.

Who we are

Nina Beňová
Nina takes care of your whole Facebook. Effectivity and the campaign’s performance are always on her first place. She has amazing results, which outmatch even the set KPI.

Who we are

Daniel Múdry
The wise one in our SixCompany. It is the translation of his surname for people that doesn't speak slovak. His unceasing desire to learn strategic marketing will make you a powerful online marketing strategy. But he will never forget his first love which is Paid search.

Who we are

Gabriel Jurčo
After five years at 6clickz, Gabi developed into an e-commerce consultant, in charge of international e-shops with 6+ markets and 8-digit turnover. In addition to his knowledge of digital marketing and web analytics, he also uses his business experience. The data-driven approach at 6clickz is his passion, which is why he is one of the longest-serving people in our company.

Who we are

Michal Papáč
Mišo is definitely the cornerstone of the 6clickz development team. He develops our own tools, knows how to take any script into a show and handles all variations of technical matters with aplomb. Always smiling, prudent and, above all, a really tall guy with a huge passion for making wine. He is up for any joke and never says NO.

Who we are

Hanka Palčinská
Our hardworking Hanka is a passionate Google Ads expert. She feels like a fish in water in scripts, tests, and PPC strategy experiments. None of the problems is an obstacle for her. After all, she is not a fragile flower, as she loves harder music, festivals, and concerts, and she cannot miss any good party!

Who we are

Petra Sokolová
Petra's domain is communication and overlap within marketing channels. If you are looking for an account that knows all about Facebook, Google, comparators or Sklik, she is the right one for you. Petra definitely knows how to do it whether you are a Slovak, Czech or foreign client. Her passions include mountains and animals! You can meet her wandering around the slopes of the Low and High Tatras, mainly in the company of her adorable dog and friends.

Who we are

Lukáš Šedivý
Šeďo is your five-star digital strategist. SEO is his floor, he always knows very well what he is talking about, and you can trust that it is not just empty talk. His superpower is communication; thanks to this, he gets along well both with the owners of small e-shops and the CEO of a million-dollar company. He is a true polymath in the field of sports, and there is no game he does not like to try.

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